Why do I need IPS?

With IPS, students can easily arrange coverage for the most important coverage categories in one package, at a student-friendly low price. You can apply online and can be insured the same day.


As a student, it is important to have flexibility when it comes to an insurance. The IPS can be requested on a daily basis and the duration can range from 1 day up to 7 consecutive years. The insurance can also be extended or shortened. This allows you to change the duration of your time abroad at any given time without any complications regarding your insurance.

If you do need to take out the Dutch basic health insurance, you could still benefit from a supplemental IPS insurance. The IPS insurance could supplement the Dutch basic health insurance with regard to medical costs and it provides coverage to all other categories.

Online portal

Your insurance can be easily managed in your own personal portal. You will receive access to this portal after we accept your application. In your online portal you can find all important documents about your insurance, as well as your premium & claim invoices. You can also adjust personal details, report a claim or extend your insurance in the online portal.

In combination with, or as an alternative to, the Dutch basic health insurance

As a non-working student in the Netherlands, it will most likely not be necessary for you to apply for the Dutch basic health insurance. It is therefore important that you arrange a comprehensive private insurance. You could arrange all categories separately, but with IPS – you can combine all the cover you need in one package.