How much does IPS cost?

The premium for the IPS student insurance depends on the type of coverage you choose. You can choose from three IPS varieties.

The IPS Basic

The IPS Basic is available to you if you're a student from the Netherland, Germany or Belgium, or if you have the Dutch basic health insurance. It provides worldwide coverage for all categories except medical expenses and costs €0,53 per day.

The IPS Secondary

The IPS Secondary is available to you when you are a student coming from Europe, staying within Europe and in combination with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It provides coverage within Europe for all categories. Note that medical expenses are covered supplementary to the cover provided in your EHIC health insurance. This package costs €0,83 per day.

The IPS Primary

The IPS Primary is available to you when you are from Europe traveling to anywhere in the world or if you are from anywhere in the world coming to Europe. This package provides worldwide coverage for all categories and costs €1,21 per day.

Besides these three products, you can also add the winter and underwater sports coverage.

Winter and underwater sports

Do you want to do winter or underwater sports when you are stuying abroad? Apply for this supplemental coverage so you will be covered for damage related to these sports. You can add it to the standard package for €5,10 per month.

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