Dutch Basic Health Insurance

Dutch Basic Health Insurance

When you start working in The Netherlands, as an expat or a recently graduated student, you are legally required to apply for a Basic Health Insurance (‘Basiszorgverzekering’ in Dutch). Every working, tax-paying individual in The Netherlands is required to do so. Even if you receive an internship compensation, this might apply to you. 

Do I need Basic Health Insurance?

In order to find out whether you are required to apply for the Dutch Basic Health Insurance, you can follow our easy online Health Insurance Check. 

Alternatively, you can download the flowchart by NUFFIC. 

How to apply for Dutch Basic Health Insurance

StudentsInsured offers the Basic Health Insurance package by IAK. 

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What is covered by Dutch Basic Health Insurance?


Not Covered  

  • General Practitioners
  •  Physiotherapy for non-chronic diseases
  • Hospital treatments
  •  Dental care (for people aged 19 and over) 
  • Medical Specialists
  •  Orthodontic care
  • Ambulance & health related transportation 
  •  Alternative healthcare
  • Maternity Care
  •  Glasses or lenses
  • Dental Care (for people aged 18 and under) 
  • Physiotherapy (for people aged 18 and under) 
  •  Maternity package
  •  Psychological care

Supplementary coverage

If you require additional care not covered by Dutch Basic Health Insurance (Basiszorgverzekering), you can opt to expand your insurance with Supplementary Health Care packages for Physiotherapy, Alternative Care or Glasses/Lenses.