Extending your insurance via the online portal

Extending your insurance

If you want to extend your insurance via the online portal, please follow the instructions below.

1. Log in to your portal.
If you don't have your login details anymore, send us an email.

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2. In the panel ‘My insurances’, click 'Open' for the policy you want to extend.

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3. In 'Policy details', click the button 'Extend'.
Fill out the form to send in your claim, and make sure to upload the corresponding invoices.

 4. You can fill in the date until which you want to extend your insurance in the box 'New Enddate (dd-mm-jjjj).'

 5. The box 'Extra premium' indicates the total amount you will have to pay for the extension.

6. To finish the extension, click 'Request'.

7. You will immediately receive an email with a summary ('resume') of your extension request.
Depending on the payment term of your policy, you will receive the invoice either directly, or two weeks before the start date of the next payment term. You will receive the new policy paper as soon as the payment for the invoice has been fully processed.