Changing your insurance details

Changing your insurance details

If you want to change the details in your insurance, you can do this via the Online Portal.  

1. Log in to your online portal.   
If you don't know your details any more, send us an email.
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2. Click the button 'Alteration of customer' in the menu on the left.EN Schade 2

3. You can adjust your personal details in the box ‘Personal Details’.
Push the button “submit” to save your changes. Need an updated policy document?

4. You can adjust your bank account details in the box 'Bank details'. 

5. You can adjust your current contact details in the box 'Contact details'.


New updated policy
Be aware that the online portal will not automatically create a new policy paper. You will receive the new policy paper as soon as the your next premium payment has been processed. Do you need the policy paper sooner? Send us an email.