Risk of theft of your residence permit

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Pickpocketing in large cities
Lately we have been contacted by many students whose residence permit has been stolen. This happened mostly while travelling by public transportation in or out of The Netherlands, walking around in markets and shops.

A residents permit is a valuable asset for criminal activities. Please be cautious with your wallet and your belongings, as students have reported pickpocketing and burglary for the purpose of stealing their permits.

The IND (the Immigration Authority) requires you to always have your original residence permit with you. The majority of international students carry the permit in their wallet. Pickpockets steal wallets in clever ways, which makes it important to be aware of this phenomenon, especially in large cities.

What should you do if it happens?

If your wallet gets stolen, you have to go to the police and file a report. This will be your "proof", and you might need to show it later on. In addition, you should apply for a new residence permit with the IND (the Immigration Authority). A new permit costs EUR 256. The good news are that if you have IPS insurance and you can prove that you have taken all the precaution to prevent theft, you can get full compensation.

Take precaution

We advise you not to put the permit in a shopping bag or an outside pocket of a jacket / coat / jeans. Make it difficult to steal your belongings by carrying your wallet / your residence permit preferably in an inside pocket or a special small bag under your clothes.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, you can always reach us via:
claims@ipsinsurance.info or call our department at 070 302 89 89.

Kind regards,

Claims department IPS

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