Why do I need IPS?


  StudentsInsured will become Aon Student Insurance

Per July 2018, StudentsInsured will be part of Aon Student Insurances. As a result, the IPS insurance will no longer be available to new customers. Extending your IPS insurance will no longer be possible as well. You can now apply for the ICS insurance instead via Aon Student Insurance. 

The information below is only for customers with an existing IPS Insurance. For more information about this integration, please check out the Q&A.

IPS provide a comprehensive package at an affordable price for your time abroad. You can arrange everything easily through the online application form. Everything can be arranged in one day and you will receive most policy documentation the same day.


It is possible that the initial period of your stay abroad will change due to, for example, if your internship finished later than you anticipated. It is therefore important that you can adjust the insurance period when needed. The IPS insurance can be extended and cancelled daily, free of charge. The duration can range from 1 day up to 7 consecutive years. Because of this, you will have no worries about your insurance during your time abroad.

Online portal

As soon as your application is fully processed, you will receive credentials to log in to your online personal portal. Your online portal is tool that you can use to adjust your insurance. You can easily adjust your personal details or extend the insurance. You can also find an overview of all of the invoices and reported claims. This way, you will always be well-informed regarding all matters for your insurance

Extra security at your internship

IPS offers a special cover for your liability at the internship address. This means that damages you cause to goods belonging to the internship address are covered up to €10.000 - a regular travel insurance will never cover this type of risk.

Use IPS in combination with, or as an alternative to, the Dutch basic health insurance

It is important to have a good health insurance if you are not allowed/required to take out the Dutch basic health insurance. The IPS Primary insurance provides extensive coverage for medical costs, and besides that also for extraordinary costs, legal aid, accidents, liability and luggage and household goods. Learn more on this page.

The IPS insurance can also be combined with the Dutch basic health insurance. The IPS Secondary will for example cover the required excess and costs that are not covered by the Dutch basic health insurance. Besides that, it is also important to be insured for the other categories. Therefore, if you are satisfied with your coverage for health costs, you can also apply for the IPS Basic.