Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OOM Studying in the Netherlands is an insurance for students, interns or au pairs in the Netherlands.
If you want to find out which product fits your situation, you can use our Insurance Guide to help you out.
The minimum time you need to be insured is one day.
The maximum time you can be insured is 5 years.
The maximum age at which you can request the OOM Studying in the Netherlands Insurance is 29 years.
OOM is a private insurer. This means that you are not eligible to have ‘Zorgtoeslag’. If you have a Dutch basic health insurance, you are eligible to have ‘Zorgtoeslag’.

Health Coverage costs

With excess €150  No Excess

Standard cover

€21.31 per month

€24.50 per month

Extended cover

€34.78 per month

€40.00 per month

OOM Dental cover costs

€15.00 per month

Package insurance costs

Surcharge in combination with Health: €14.15
If bought seperately: €16.40