Type of costs Regular Extended
General practitioner Cost price Cost price
Medication and dressings  Cost price Cost price
Specialist treatment and tests Cost price Cost price
Second opinion Not covered   Cost price
Laboratory tests Cost price Cost price
Cost price Cost price
Seated medical transport
     Public transport Lowest class Lowest class
     Taxi Journey fare Journey fare
     Own transport
         Per km €0,20 €0,20
         Maximum €185,00 €185,00
Medical aids after an accident
     Crutches and wheelchair €100.00 €100.00
     Prosthetics €750.00 €750.00
Physical therapy and exercise therapy 12 treatments  25 treatments  
Occupational therapy 10 hours 10 hours
Dietition 10 hours 10 hours
Speech therapy 12 treatments  25 treatments  
Dental care for insured person < 17 years
€450,00 €450,00
Dental care for insured person ≥ 18 years €350,00 €350,00
Dentistry following an accident €500,00 €500,00
Orthodontics (only for people ≤ 21 years) No coverage €1.200,00
Pregnancy and delivery €4.000,00 Cost price
Maternity care €1.500,00 €1.500,00
Contraceptives €125,00 Cost price
     Sessions 5 8
     Maximum amount €500.00 €800.00
Hereditary tests No coverage Cost price
Alternative health care No coverage €500.00
Transplantation Cost price Cost price
Dialysis Cost price Cost price
Treatment by a plastic surgeon Cost price Cost price
Rehabilitative day care Cost price Cost price
Accommodation costs
         Per day €100.00 €100.00
         Total €2,000.00  €2,000.00 
Vaccinations and immunoglobulins
 against rabies and tetanus
Cost price Cost price
TB tests (Mantoux tests and/or a thoraz X-ray)   No coverage €50.00
Dental €350.00 €350.00

Regular Extended
     Per day €100.00 €100.00
     Total per case €2.000,00 €2.000,00
Search/rescue €25,000.00 €25,000.00
Transportation of mortal remains €25,000.00 €25,000.00
Special costs
Extending an airline ticket
€1,200.00 €1,200.00
Coming over of 1 person
     Per day €100.00 €100.00
     Total per case €2.000,00 €2.000,00
Telecommunication (per repatriation)        €150,00 €150,00

Package Insurance Coverage

In  the package Insurance, there are 5 categories:

Traveling costs
Theft or loss of passport or visa
Telecommunication charges
      Contact with Unigarant/
      OOM Emergency Centre
Cost price
      Contact with others
Costs for accommodation, overnight stays and meals (per day)  

Damage to household contents as the result of fire, storms or burglary    
    Audiovisual equipment

In the event of death (category A)
In the event of permanent disability (category B)
Riding on a motorcycle of 50 cc or more
Max. 25% of category A or B
Riding on a motorcycle of 50 cc or more without a helmet
Max. 10% of category A or B

Assistance for redress
€ 12,500.00

Liability for damage to people and property (per event)
Furnishing security
€ 125,000.00