Studying in The Netherlands

Studying in The Netherlands

Are you going to study, do an internship or work as an au pair in the Netherlands? During this period it is important to be well insured to protect yourself from unexpectedly high costs. Health insurances in the country of origin often do not provide (enough) coverage in the Netherlands. The OOM Studying in the Netherlands is developed to provide this desired coverage.

What is covered?

The OOM Studying in the Netherlands offers you the ability to construct an insurance with a coverage that fits to your needs. Besides the standard SOS-insurance, you can choose from three options:
1) Health insurance;
2) OOM Dental Cover;
3) Package insurance.

The Health insurance offers two options for the coverage, regular coverage and extended coverage. You can then also choose the level of excess you would like. The OOM Dental Cover is available if you are 18 years or older. This category does not require any excess. The Package insurance provides coverage for household goods, liability, travel, legal aid and baggage. You can find more information on the coverage in the coverage summary. You can find more information on the exclusions in the policy terms and conditions.

How much is the premium?

The costs of the health insurance depends on the chosen coverage and excess.

With excess (€150.00) Without excess

Standard cover

€21.31 per month


Extended cover

€34.78 per month


You can get a discount on this insurance when you’re obligated to take out a Dutch basic health insurance.

When you combine package insurance with the health insurance, it will cost €14.15 per month. If you only buy the package insurance without the health insurance it will cost you €16.40 per month.

You can easily calculate your premium or apply online.