Category Coverage
Maximum insured amount  € 500,000.-
General Practitioner Cost price
Medication Cost price
Specialist treatment and tests Cost price
Second opinion Cost price
Laboratory tests Cost price
Hospitalization (max. 30 days after expiration insurance)
Cost price
Ambulance transport
Cost price
Medical aids after an accident
    Crutches and/or wheelchair €100.00
    Prostetics €750.00
Physiotherapy 25 sessions
Dental treatment (only in case of an accident)
Treatment by a plastic surgeon (only in case of an accident) 
Cost price
Transplantation € 350.00
Dialysis Cost price

Category Coverage
Repatriation/evacuation €30.000.00
Transport of mortal remains to country of origin

Category Coverage
Liability for damage to people and property (per event)
€ 125,000.00