Category Coverage
Maximum insured amount  € 500,000.-
General Practitioner Cost price
Medication and bandages Cost price
Laboratory tests Cost price
Hospitalization Cost price
Ambulance transport Cost price
Seated medical transport Cost price
    Public transportation Lowest class
    Taxi Cost price
    Own transport €0,20/km
Medical aids after an accident
Physical therapy, exercise therapy, manual therapy and chiropractic 9 treatments
Speech therapy 12 treatments
Rehabilitative day care Cost price
Accommodation costs
    Per day €100.00
    Per case € 2,000.00
Vaccinations and immunoglobulins against rabies and tetanus (only when exposed to the risk of infection) Cost price
Dental treatment (only in case of an accident) € 350.00
Psychotherapy (max. 5 sessions) €500.00
Treatment by a plastic surgeon Cost price
Dialysis Cost price

Category Coverage
Repatriation/evacuation €30,000.00
Transport of mortal remains to country of origin

Category Coverage
Liability for damage to people and property (per event)
€ 125,000.00