Why do I need IPS?

Why do I need IPS?

When you do (a part of) your studies or internship abroad, insurance can be vital. What if you end up in a foreign hospital? What if you have an emergency situation and need to return home urgently? What if your luggage gets stolen? With the proper health, liability and travel insurance, your time abroad can be a worry-free insurance.

Finding and selecting the right insurance for your study or internship abroad

With so many travel insurance options on the market, finding the right insurance can be a challenge. To help you, StudentsInsured has combined the coverage you need in the Insurance Passport for Students. This insurance package meets your insurance needs and fits your nationality and destination.

What if I already have a health- and/or travel insurance?

At StudentsInsured, we see that the domestic health and travel insurance plans usually do not provide sufficient coverage abroad. Your health insurance company might not provide any coverage in your destination. Similarly, travel insurance plans have limitations. In most cases, a duration limit of 30, 60 or 90 days of consecutive traveling applies. In other cases, non-recreational trips are excluded from coverage, which means that you don’t get any coverage during your study or work trip.

The IPS by StudentsInsured is specifically designed for studies or internships abroad, with coverage up to 7 consecutive years.

Won’t I have double coverage?

Yes, it is a possibility that you have multiple insurance which give the same coverage as the IPS insurance. But as said before, your other insurance can have restrictions in coverages or time. You need to check everything with your different insurances, or you can go the easy way and apply for the IPS insurance.