We are now Aon.

Per 1-9-2018, we are Aon. As a result, the IPS insurance will no longer be available to new customers. Extending your IPS insurance will no longer be possible as well. You can now apply for the ICS insurance instead via Aon Student Insurance. 

The information below is only for customers with an existing IPS Insurance. For more information about this integration, please check out the Q&A.

In the overview below you will find a summary of the IPS insurance coverage. Each coverage category mentions maximum coverage limits and specifies what is covered and what is not covered. For the complete coverage details of IPS, you can download the IPS Policy Conditions.

    Depending on your package 1, IPS covers necessary medical and dental costs. It covers the cost price for medically necessary family doctor visits, specialists and medication, as well as physiotherapy & psychological treatments.


    Type of costs Covered
    Necessary medical costs due to illness or accident
    Full reimbursement 1
    Medically necessary dental costs, per insurance year
    €400.00 1
    Medically necessary dental costs after an accident, per insurance year
    €1,100.00 1
    Physiotherapy, per insurance year
    Maximum of 12 treatments, for a maximum of €27.00 per session 1
    Psychotherapy, per insurance year
    Maximum of 9 treatments, for a maximum of €80.00 per session 1

    Type of costs
    Pre-existing conditions Not covered
    Preventive health care (e.g. vaccinations before traveling, birth control) Not covered
    Costs relating to a pregnancy that existed before the start date of the insurance Not covered
    Regular check-ups, e.g. at the GP or dentist's Not covered
    Over-the-counter medication (e.g. paracetemol) Not covered
     1 IPS Basic does not provide coverage for medical costs. IPS Secondary supplements a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) - you first need to claim the costs with your own, local health insurance.
This category covers the costs that are the result of an unforeseen event and that must necessarily and reasonably be incurred during the validity of the insurance. Our 24/7 emergency call center is included in this coverage. The specialists at the call center are ready to assist you in case of a medical emergency or with your repatriation.


Type of costs Covered up to
Full reimbursement
Transport of the ill/injured person.
Full reimbursement
Transport of relatives to ill/injured person

Type of Costs
Repatriation while treatment in country of residence is possible as well Not covered
Issues with your travel (e.g. a missed flight) for which you need to make additional costs Not covered
Repatriation due to homesickness Not covered
The Legal Aid coverage will cover you in case you are held liable for causing damages, in case your civil rights are compromised, or in case you need to obtain regress in case of physical injury.


Type of costs Covered
Legal aid by employees of DAS insurer
Full reimbursement
Costs for external parties (e.g. lawyers, bailiffs, witnesses etc.)
Europe: Full reimbursement
Outside of Europe: €6,000.00

Type of costs
Cases with an interest below €250.00 Not covered
This coverage is meant to compensate you in case you are victim of a lethal accident or an accident with permanent disability as a result. In this case, a fixed compensation is provided to help you or your relatives. In case of a permanent disability, a percentage of the maximum sum will be provided - this percentage is based on the Gliedertaxe.


In case of Compensation
Death due to motor bike accident
Permanent disability
up to €75,000.00 (Gliedertaxe)

In case of
Accidental death or dismemberment as a result from practicing a hazardous or winter sport (if not covered in category 7) No compensation
Accidental death or dismemberment as a result from a pre-existing condition No compensation
The IPS insurance covers the liability for private individuals and for damage to property at your internship address.


Type of liability Covered
Third party liability for damage to property
Third party liability for personal injury
Loss as a result of fire afflicted on rented accommodation
Damage to property belonging to your internship address (also when goods are under your supervision)

Type of liability
Liability for motorized vehicles Not covered
For luggage and household goods, the following coverage limits apply:

Covered up to
Total luggage cover during insured period
Total household goods cover during stay


Category Covered
Photo-, film-, video- and/or computer equipment
Smartphones, mobile phones
Travel documents
Full reimbursement

Cash Not covered
Damage/theft/loss of goods because you were not cautious Not covered

Optional Coverage

The coverage in Category 7 is optional. If you want to be covered for this, you can select it in the IPS application form.

Choose this additional coverage when you expect to practice winter sports or hazardous sports. IPS does not cover costs relating to these activities without this supplemental coverage.


Type of cost Covered
Medical costs as a result from practicing winter sports or hazardous sports
Full reimbursement
Accidental dismemberment as a result from a winter sport or hazardous sport
Up to €25,000.00-
Accidental death as a result from a winter sport or hazardous sport
Damage to (rented) ski- and snowboard equipment
Up to €1,500.00
Unused days of your ski pass, ski/snowboard lessons and rented equipment
Incurred costs
Repatriation as a result of an accident while practicing a winter sport or hazardous sport
Full reimbursement

Type of cost
Damage that occurred because you ignore warnings or restrictions to or around the slopes. Not covered
Sports with a risk qualification of level 4 (this list is available at our customer service) Not covered
Accidental death and dismemberment coverage for sports with risk qualification of level 3 or higher Not covered