How to waive your insurance

How to waive your insurance with GBG Tiecare

Almost all universities and colleges in the United States have student insurance programs. In most cases, it is mandatory for international students to enroll in these policies. In most cases, it is possible to opt out of the mandatory insurance plan by providing proof of a suitable alternative. This process is called 'waiving'.

How to submit an insurance waiver

Every institution has different procedures for submitting an insurance waiver. You will find more information about this process on your institution's 'Health Services' or 'Financial Services' department websites. A list of insurance requirements, or 'waiver requirements', will be provided on this page as well.

Generally, you will need to submit the details of your insurance in an online or hardcopy form. This is submitted for approval with your university. In most cases, institutions set requirements for minimum coverage in the following fields:

  • Lifetime / yearly maximums
  • Coverage of chronic & pre-existing conditions
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximums
  • ACA Essential Health Benefits such as Preventive health care services
  • Benefit limitations 

Waive your insurance with GBG Tiecare insurances

To meet these requirements, we offer the policies of GBG Tiecare. This American insurer provides a range of products that meet the waiver requirements for almost all US intsitutions. GBG Tiecare policies are generally significantly less expensive than mandatory school insurances. 

Want to learn more? Send us your university's name and we will see what we can do for you.