Insurance for your studies in the US

Save on your insurance for your studies in the US

Starting an exchange or degree at a US college or University can be an amazing, life-changing opportunity. However, when it comes to insurance, you are often obliged to apply for the costly local insurance policy. With the right insurance, you can 'waive' this requirement and save hundreds of dollars.

Waive your university insurance with GBG TieCare

For this purpose, StudentsInsured offers a range of student insurances by GBG TieCare Students. These international insurance plans offer an alternative to expensive university plans, while meeting the waiver requirements of most U.S. colleges and universities. 

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Most popular option:

To meet your waiver requirements, StudentsInsured recommends:

Global Student Advantage


Global Student Advantage offers the most comprehensive medical coverage for international students.

- Pre-existing conditions covered from the start date for policies longer than 120 days
- Unlimited Annual Maximum

Other GBG insurances

If the waiver requirements for your institution are less strict, you can also opt for the following options:

Global Student Access

Global Student Medical Access

Global Student Access is a high-end emergency medical plan that is exclusively tailored for full-time students and offers many key benefits.

Pre-existing issues covered after waiting period of 180 days
Annual maximum limit of USD $1,000,000

Global Student Liberty

Global Student Liberty

Global Student Liberty is a cost-effective plan that provides essential health insurance coverage with higher coverage limits than Global Student Freedom.

USD $250,000 Per Injury/Illness;
USD $750,000 Annual Maximum

Global Student Freedom

GBG Global Student Freedom

Global Student freedom offers an economical alternative that meets the minimum coverage requirements of most high schools, colleges and universities.

USD $150,000 Per Injury/Illness;
USD$500,000 Annual Maximum

Global Student Explorer


Global Explorer offers a health insurance for seasonal workers, au-pairs and students who are enrolled and actively attending an accredited high school, college, university or work program.

Annual maximum limit options of USD $1,000,000 or Unlimited