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As a backpacker abroad there a few thing you have to consider whilst going abroad. We’re happy to help you out!

If you start working in another country it's possible that you're obligated to apply for a local health insurance or equivalent. It's good to keep in mind that such an insurance doesn't necessarily mean that all of your medical expenses are properly covered. Mostly such insurance only covers the most basic health costs. Therefor it's a good idea to apply for an insurance package that provides supplementary coverage to make sure you're properly insured.

Dutch Basic Health Insurance
It’s very likely that you lose your basic insurance right. This means you can’t claim any costs while you’re abroad on your Dutch Basic Health Insurance. Therefor it’s extra important that you apply for a good insurance that’s got your back for your period abroad. 

What insurances do I need?
There are a few important coverages you must take care of.

Medical costs 
Obviously this is a very important category. It’s possible that you already have a health insurance from your home country. (If you’re from Europe you’re most likely to have an EHIC). Please be advised that this insurance is likely to provide less coverage abroad than in your home country. In most cases it will only reimburse the medical costs you would have made in your own country. 

So for example if you have to undertake a surgery abroad, and it would cost you €3,500 in your home country, but € 5,000 in the country you are residing, you have to pay €1,500 yourself!

Also it’s possible that you lose the right to your insurance because you are abroad. This is very likely when you start working abroad or if you stay there for a longer period of time. 

So therefor it’s highly recommended to take out a (supplementary) coverage for medical costs!

This is a very important category as well. It can always happen that you accidentally injure someone or damage a someone his property. In this case he can hold you responsible for the damage. These amounts can differ from small amounts to very high amounts. Therefor it’s imperative to cover this risk with an insurance. A common liability insurance doesn’t cost much but covers high sums varying from 500K till over 1 million euros. 

An extra point you have to take in consideration is when you’re going abroad for a study or internship. Most regular liability insurances won’t provide coverage for them! Therefor it’s important to look for an insurance that does provide coverage for study or internships if you’re abroad for those purposes. 

It’s possible that during your trip something serious happens to you or your family back home. It’s a very comforting idea that you can always go back home as soon as possible in those circumstances or that a family member can come to you in the case you’re hospitalized. This coverage is called repatriation and is considered to be very valuable. 

Emergency assistance 
An essential aspect of your insurance should be a worldwide emergency center which you can call in the case of emergency. Such emergency center can assist you when you can’t reach the insurance company itself. They can also provide you with local information with regard to healthcare providers. A proper emergency center can also provide translation services. Another important role of such emergency center is to give a guarantee of payment to healthcare provides so they know that they’ll be paid by an insurance company and they can help you when needed.  
Next you can think of a few other categories
Of course you’re likely to bring some luggage and maybe you’ll gather household contents as well during your stay abroad. Of course it’s nice to know that if your laptop gets stolen that you’ll get a compensation so you can quickly buy a new one. 

Another aspect you could think of is legal aid. Such insurance will cover the costs or will provide the legal aid itself in cases when you for example want to sue someone in order to recover any costs involved. It can be difficult to get your money from someone when you don’t speak the local language and when you’re in a totally different environment and culture than you’re used to. A legal aid insurance can provide a solution in those circumstances! 

And now?
Obviously you just want a carefree experience abroad. Therefor we advise you to take out a Globetrotter from Allianz Global Assistance. Based on the given answers, this is the perfect solution for your trip.

Globetrotter gives you coverage for all the mentioned categories. This way you’re ensured of a safe and worry free stay abroad! Calculate your premium with the underneath. 

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