Orientation Year

Most recently graduated students do not start with a job immediately after their studies. However, many find it attractive to stay in the country where they studied and look for a job there. In most countries you can apply for a so-called search year visa. With this, you have one year to look for a job. 


During this year, it is often not yet possible to apply for a local public insurance. It is therefore important to find an insurance that can cover you during this period. The IPS insurance can be requested when you applied for a search year visa. The IPS insurance provides coverage for 

1. Medical costs;
2. Emergency aid and repatriation;
3. Legal aid;
4. Accidental death and dismemberment;
5. Liability; and
6. Luggage and household goods.

This insurance can be held until one year after you graduated or until you find a job. You can read more about insurances once you find a job under “When you’ve found a job”.