Why do I need IPS?

With IPS, you can arrange comprehensive coverage for your time abroad, at a low price, conveniently online. You can be insured the same day – and all policy documentation is sent the same day via email.

In combination with, or as an alternative to the Dutch basic health insurance

If you are not required/allowed to take out a Dutch basic health insurance, you are obliged to arrange a “private insurance”. You could choose to insure every category separately, or you can choose a complete insurance package such as the IPS insurance.

If you do need to take out the Dutch basic health insurance, you could still benefit from a supplemental IPS insurance. The IPS insurance could supplement the Dutch basic health insurance with regard to medical costs and it provides coverage to all other categories.


Flexibility is very important for PhD candidates and scholars. This is why the IPS can be applied for on a daily basis and can be extended from 1 day up to 7 years. It is also very easy to extend or shorten the insurance when the intended period of stay differs from actual period of stay. This flexibility gives you the chance to complete your research or study at your own pace.

Your partner & family members

The IPS is not only available to you as PhD candidate or scholar, but also to your partner and family if they move with you abroad. A separate insurance can be requested for them, with the same price and terms and conditions.

Online Portal

When you apply for the IPS insurance, you will have access to your own personal online portal. In the online portal, you can easily find documents like the online policy paper or information regarding your invoices. It can also be used to adjust personal information, easily file a claim or extend your insurance. This makes managing your insurance easy and clear.