For PhD candidates, Postdoctoral researchers and other academics


  StudentsInsured will become Aon Student Insurance

Per July 2018, StudentsInsured will be part of Aon Student Insurances. As a result, the IPS insurance will no longer be available to new customers. Extending your IPS insurance will no longer be possible as well. You can now apply for the ICS insurance instead via Aon Student Insurance. 

The information below is only for customers with an existing IPS Insurance. For more information about this integration, please check out the Q&A.

In today’s academic world, internationalization is becoming increasingly important. PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers and other academics from all over the world are doing their research or study abroad and share their knowledge worldwide.

PhD candidates

The internationalization of higher education has opened up PhD positions around the world. This allows you to do your research at a top university in your field. Being surrounded by the best experts in your field of study at an international university provides many advantages. Not only does it provides a global perspective: with the help of renowned scholars, it leads to cutting-edge research and a head-start in your future academic career.

Postdoctoral researchers

After you obtained a PhD, you could choose to do more research at a university or research institute. During the postdoctoral research you will have more responsibility and it is important that you can do your research in the appropriate surroundings and with people who have expertise in your discipline.

Other academics / scholars

At a later stage in your academic career, an international experience can be invaluable: many scholars choose to further advance their research by spending a short time in a university abroad. You can choose to do this for a conference, for a research period or a sabbatical (i.e. to finishing independent research or a book).