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Insurance for your studies abroad

There can be many reasons for temporarily moving abroad. In addition to going on holiday, you can also complete practical training, study abroad or even attend a language course in a foreign country. Whatever your reason is, you shouldn’t forget about your insurance.

Do I need to arrange things for my insurance myself?
You do need to arrange something for your insurance, but you don’t have to do it yourself. Of course you can do this, but IPS can also help you with it. Your IPS insurance will be perfectly matched with your nationality and your destination. In this way, you will always have a good insurance!

Why can’t I just use my health- and/or travel insurance?
When you are travelling outside of your country, it’s possible that your health insurance doesn’t cover costs in another country, or doesn’t provide complete coverage. And your travel insurance has a limited coverage most of the time.

What if i have double coverage?
Of course it’s possible that you have multiple insurances with the same coverages when you choose for an IPS insurance. But as said before, you have to keep in mind that your insurance might provide different coverage depending whether you’re residing in or outside your home country. It’s wise to take a good look at the insurances you have now to check what’s covered. If you want to go away fast and you want to be sure, you can sign up for the IPS insurance.