Au-pairs / Volunteers
Properly insured at a competitive premium while working as an au pair abroad
Great ! You are going to work abroad as an au pair ! It is a big step to choose to work in a foreign country, in a new family and to take care of children. Of course, you would want to be optimally insured.

Our insurance policy provides a highly extensive coverage for various emergencies. Maybe you need medical advice or you want to return home as soon as possible because a family member has become seriously ill.

Your benefits
The IPS insurance policy offers extensive coverage for urgent medical and dental treatment, extraordinary costs and assistance, accidents, liability, legal aid and loss of luggage.

Begin date, termination, and period of the insurance
The coverage starts and ends on the dates you enter on the application.

Interim holidays
The insurance coverage for medical expenses also applies to holidays taken while staying abroad. Holidays in the country of origin are limited to a maximum of 4 weeks. Holidays outside of the country of origin are unlimited.
Would you like to find out more about our coverage ? In that case, feel free to read the general terms and conditions of the policy, which can be found here.

Various packages
What if you do not need to obtain a Dutch basic health insurance or an EU Health Insurance Card? In that case, you can take out the IPS Primary

Do you have an EU Health Insurance Card? Then you can select IPS Secondary or IPS Basic. The IPS Secondary policy offers a additional cover for emergency medical and dental expenses. The IPS Basic policy offers all IPS covers. The IPS Basic policy offers all IPS covers, with exclusion of Chapter 1 (medical/dental expenses)

Create your own insurance policy to your exact needs. Convenient: you can easily buy this insurance policy online!