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Geplaatst op : 28 September 2015

GroupphotoFinally, after years of studying, you have obtained your diploma. What a relief! Now it’s time to find your dream job. This could be harder than you imagined. Did you know…

Students that have studied abroad, have a much greater chance of finding a job. Six out of ten employers regard an international study as an advantage. Research of QS amongst employers worldwide has shown this. Command of the English language and experience with intercultural communication is seen as a big plus. 

QS asked over 10.000 employers from 116 countries whether they value an international study when hiring new personnel. 80% said they value this international experience. Especially in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and many Asian countries an international study will help you in applying for a job. English-speaking countries value international experience less.

Research firm QS, that also publishes a ranking of universities and published the Times Higher Education until last year, ascertains that there is much more to be researched. But the researchers can safely conclude that an international study, no matter where, is a good investment to increase job opportunities.

Are you interested in a study experience abroad? Let the experience of students that already studied abroad convince you. 


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