Allianz Global Assistance

Need help urgently?

Call the emergency call center:

 +31(0)20 592 97 78

What is Allianz Global Assistance?

Allianz Global Assistance is an aid organization and travel insurance company with branches in 34 countries, each with their own alarm centers. The employees at Allianz Global Assistance speak 58 languages and can help you in any country in the world. Every hour, they help 5,000 people across the world.

In case a family member passes away

You can also use the emergency call center when you are informed during your travels that one of your family members (in the 1st or 2nd degree) has passed away, or when one of your family members has been hospitalized in critical condition. The call center can then ease your burden by taking care of everything. For example, they will arrange your transportation and flight tickets home – so you can get back to your family as soon as possible.

The importance of a good insurance

The value of a good travel insurance is proven when you have a serious accident abroad. In that case, you will not only make medical costs: there are also costs for (ambulance) transportation, potential extra accomodation costs, or in some cases – plane transportation to the mainland. Your local insurance might cover these partly, but usually you will need a suitable additional insurance. With Allianz Global Assistance, you are covered for these situations.

Not only for emergencies

In addition to the emergency situations above, Allianz Global Assistance can also help you with less urgent matters. You can call the emergency center when you lose important belongings, or when your passport or bank cards are stolen. Allianz Global Assistance will help you file a police report, freeze your bank account / cards and report the claim at your insurance company. It is for good reasons, the motto at Allianz Global Assistance is: ‘How can we help?